Wellness in Lower Franconia

Your wellness hotel in Mainfranken

Treat yourself to a relaxing break after an active day in the nature of Main-Franconia. In our wellness area you can simply lean back and forget about everyday life. The use of our wellness facilities is free of charge for our house guests.

Wellness facilities at the Hotel Mainpromenade

Look forward to the following amenities at our wellness hotel in Lower Franconia:
  • Steam bath with light effects
  • Finnish sauna
  • Whirlpool tub
  • Infrared cabin
Sparkling wine with two champagne glasses on the edge of a bathtub in the wellness area of the hotel in Karlstadt

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The health benefits of wellness

Whether sauna, steam bath or infrared - every wellness facility at our hotel in Lower Franconia brings with it various health benefits.
Wellness area with bathtub and foot reflexology therapy at the wellness hotel in Mainfranken

Steam bath - relaxation and decongestion

It is not without reason that the steam bath is considered one of the best natural sleep aids. Nerves calm down in the moist warmth, muscles relax and regular visits to the steam bath also help against blocked nose and sinuses. Try it yourself during your next visit to our wellness hotel in Mainfranken.

An hourglass lies on two rolled-up bath towels in the sauna of the wellness hotel in Mainfranken

Sauna - elixir of life and fountain of youth

Those who often suffer from ailments and minor colds should consider regular visits to the sauna. The hot sauna steam and temperatures of up to 90 °C demand a lot from the immune system at first, but as a result it is strengthened immensely. According to studies, sauna users live longer - if that's not an incentive to go to the sauna on your next wellness holiday in Lower Franconia.

Whirlpool with relaxing atmosphere and blue light in the wellness area of the hotel in Karlstadt

Whirlpool - Pain relief and mood enhancement

Lying in the whirlpool is supposed to relieve back pain and release anxiety. To do this, both the pressure of the jets and the heat release tension in the muscles. Try it out at our wellness hotel in Mainfranken.

Infrared room with two wooden benches in the wellness area of the hotel in Karlstadt

Infrared - deep heat and prevention

Infrared radiation provides your body with so-called deep heat. This provides energy from within, relieves pain and can work against colds. For this kind of wellness in Lower Franconia, an infrared cabin awaits you at the Hotel Mainpromenade.

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